The Project

We’ve built the room… now let’s furnish it!
The opening of the new Sorauren Park Town Square on July 7, 2014 marked the end of Phase 1 building.

We need your help to furnish the space with park furniture, a bake oven, extended pathways, bike posts, and a major architectural feature, the trellis.

Echoing the industrial architecture of the street, the trellis will serve as an iconic gateway to the park and provide practical functions such as mounting for an outdoor movie screen and donor wall, lighting and shade.

To learn more and to see the plans, click here:


The Impact

Your donation will:

  • Support our Bake Oven Campaign
  • Help to build one of our Town Square features:  bike racks, benches, trellis, and bake oven
  • Help continue the transformation from an old industrial site to Sorauren Park and all its related facilities that benefit the community and visitors to our new Town Square

Notice to donors: Any surplus monies remaining after the necessary funds have been raised for the designated project or program will be used to further the general charitable purposes of the charity. If the designated project cannot be completed for any reason, donations will be redirected to where they are needed most.