Premiers Should Quit Politicking About Climate Actions

In April 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada concluded that the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is constitutionally eligible to take action on the climate change disaster. The court also enacted the use of minimal carbon pricing qualities, which would be a better solution to climate changes.

Some Canadians accepted the ruling with open arms while other provinces like Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta rejected it. These three provinces perceived that the court’s decision was scientifically incorrect and indefensible. They complained that the decision would later lead to unavoidable consequences.

However, the Court addressed this disagreement, stating that provinces and premiers should stop politicking on climate action. In addition, the Court suggested that the federal and provincial governments must work together before the climate disaster gets out of hand.

Since climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions due to human operations, the only way to change this is by reducing the release of these gases. Apart from that, Canadians will have to work together with all levels of government to enhance the atmosphere for better living.

Canada also has to enforce emission reduction targets and be accountable to enact all the measures set by the government. Currently, Canada is quick in implementing measures that will eventually fight climate change.

Contrary to this is making a future that is filled with frequent and dangerous floods, heatwaves, and fires. It is now only up to Canadian political leaders to intensify and enact climate change measures. In the end, acting quickly but wisely will create a safe world for everyone.

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