Canadian Parks & Trees Protection’s Biggest Climate Lawsuit

In November 2019, seven young people between the ages of 12-23 years announced that they’ll be suing Premier Ford. The young people showed their disappointment with the government’s ignorance of climate disasters. Following this, Canadian Parks & Trees Protection decided to take part in the lawsuit to support them in legal decisions.

When they spoke about their complaints, each one of them highlighted that the government is risking their future and generations to come. They said that the Fund government should perform their responsibilities on the climate crisis. They, therefore, resorted to suing the government to protect their future.

The main agenda of the lawsuit targeted Ontario’s 2030 climate. Canadian Parks & Trees Protection lawyers argued that the Ford government’s Cap and Trade Cancellation Act of 2018 was somehow peculiar. They said that the Ford government was incompetent, unconstitutional, and could weaken the 2030 climate target.

The government of Ontario is now planning to allow more greenhouse gas to be emitted into the atmosphere, to help curb climate changes. The plan is meant to be Ontario’s 2030 strategy on climate change.

Scientifically, Canadian Parks & Trees Protection and its clients find the government’s plan inadequate and likely to worsen climate changes. As a result, it may cause dangerous climatic effects like floods, fire outbreaks, poor air conditions, and heatwaves. This will later harm the environment as well as the overall health of people from Ontario.

Seemingly, each individual’s future from Ontario is now at risk. Canadian Parks & Trees Protection is already on the move to prevent the government from making destructive decisions.

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