Canadians Parks & Trees Protection is a Canadian non-profit environmental organization that aims at fighting for a healthy environment. We use uses litigation to protect nature as well as fight climate changes for better survival strategies.

Our Achievements

As of now, Canadian Parks & Trees Protection has been able to approach various courts and made the following achievements so far:

1. Represent Communities

The. environmental protection organization represents Canadian societies/people who file lawsuits against environmental exploitation.

2. Emerged Triumphantly on Numerous Court Cases

We have gone to court on behalf of our clients and become victorious in dozens of cases. This has helped in forcing policy shifts to promote healthy ecological habits on wildlife and habitats.

3. Extensive Experience

We have more than three decades of experience being in the frontline of advocating for environmental justice. We also have experience in preventing harmful industrial elements from contaminating the environment.

4. Donor funded

The organization is 100% funded by individuals and organizations that support our cause of fighting for a better existence.

5. Proudly Canadian

We take pride in being one of the largest environmental law organizations in Canada.