Climate Change

Climate Legislation Delays Lead to Lack of Confidence

In November 2020, the federal government created the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (Bill C-12). This is a legislative act that ensures political leaders are held responsible for reaching climate targets by reducing the emission of net-zero greenhouse gases (GHGs).
Additionally, this measure helps push the government to enforce action on climate change before 2050. However, the legislation has encountered some amendment delays due to the possibility of a federal election.
This has made various political parties blame each other for unnecessary delays. If the legislation doesn’t become law as soon as possible…

Climate Change

Premiers Should Quit Politicking About Climate Actions

In April 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada concluded that the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is constitutionally eligible to take action on the climate change disaster. The court also enacted the use of minimal carbon pricing qualities, which would be a better solution to climate changes.
Some Canadians accepted the ruling with open arms while other provinces like Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta rejected it. These three provinces perceived that the court’s decision was scientifically incorrect and indefensible. They complained that the decision would later lead to unavoidable consequences.
However, the Court …


Supreme Court Dismisses Taseko Mines Ltd’s Application

In May 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada released Taseko Mines Ltd’s application from their duties. This was supposed to pave way for 2019’s Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) ruling that tackled full federal assessment of Taseko’s New Prosperity copper-gold mine.
The federal results showed that the mine project could result in environmental pollution including water localities. When the findings were brought to court, Taseko mines were inevitably dismissed to protect Canada’s fish lakes.
This was because Taseko mines activities posed greater threats to the environment, particularly Teztan Biny, a fish lake. Teztan Biny is…