John Davidson

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Rosethorn Park and Playground

The Project

Getting outside, encouraging community, building healthy and active lifestyles for both children and the young at heart — all of this and more are possible with beautiful parks and playgrounds.

Take a closer look at the existing playground, situated inside lovely Rosethorn Park, and you soon realize that it is not serving this ideal nor the current residents of Islington Heights.

A park and a playground are a place to bring a cup of coffee or tea, get together with neighbours, staying vibrant and healthy well into the golden years. It’s a place for children to make lifelong friends and seniors to stay connected. A place to call our own and a central gathering spot for our village.

We need your help to make this community dream come true. The playground will be freshly rejuvenated and your support will add to the legacy of this impactful project. Thank you for making a difference!