The Project

Riverdale Park West is the oldest park in Toronto and the centre of our renowned Heritage District. Our park needs a facelift. The local non-profit group, Cabbagetown Art & Crafts spearheaded the renewal by generously donating $5,000 to the City of Toronto to see the pathways paved with concrete. The group also promotes the opportunity for people to make charitable donations to the park renewal and see a commemorative brick installed along the pathways. As of Summer 2015, the project has raised over $50,000, resulting in the construction of two pathways and the patio in front of our beloved Riverdale Farm. In 2019, raised funds will go towards the replacement of lighting.  We need to finish the job, so now is the time for Cabbagetowners to invest in the future of our wonderful neighbourhood.

Donations of $100 and more can be recognized with commemorative bricks, personalized with your name or that of anyone you wish to honour or remember. Commemorative bricks will be permanently placed at the centre of the park. It is a chance never to be repeated for you to put your dedication to aid in this historic park’s renovation.

$100 donation: 4″ x 8″ brick
$150 donation: 8″ x 8″ brick

To learn more about this project, call Randy Brown at 416-926-0237 or email


The Impact

Your donation will:

  • Make a difference.  Every dollar counts and helps to leverage funding from other generous sources
  • Support our current pathway project on the go!
  • Help continue our work to improve the pathways through the western section of the park adjacent to Riverdale Farm

Notice to donors: Any surplus monies remaining after the necessary funds have been raised for the designated project or program will be used to further the general charitable purposes of the charity. If the designated project cannot be completed for any reason, donations will be redirected to where they are needed most.