Making park improvements that reflect unique community needs

The Project

Friends of Charles G. Williams Park have formed to determine and advocate for the local needs and desires during the Park’s redevelopment, and to raise money to supplement the city’s existing redevelopment budget.

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation along with the Friends of Charles G. Williams Park, believe that the neighbourhood has a role to play in shaping its environment. A primary area of focus is the playground, a valuable setting which serves to stitch together the various age, income, and ethnic backgrounds of the community and enhances diversity through play. We see this playground as rich in potential and place-making opportunities!


The Impact

Funds raised will go directly to supplementing the city’s existing budget for redeveloping Charles G. Williams Park and ensuring the full potential of the Park is achieved to meet the needs of the community.

Notice to donors: Any surplus monies remaining after the necessary funds have been raised for the designated project or program will be used to further the general charitable purposes of the charity. If the designated project cannot be completed for any reason, donations will be redirected to where they are needed most.