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Capybara Baby Registry & Naming Contest - Update

To celebrate the birth of baby capybaras at High Park Zoo, you can help show the 'capy babies' and the Zoo some love by contributing to their Baby Registry. The three energetic capybaras were born to famed capybara couple Bonnie and Clyde.

The High Park Zoo is a popular year-round destination that has been a highlight for visitors to High Park since 1893. The Zoo is free to the public and attracts over 720,000 visitors each year. Your donations will support the new capybara family and the entire community of animals at the Zoo. 

Your donation will:

  • Provide opportunities for Torontonians and visitors to interact with animals like the capybara in a unique, park setting
  • Support the ongoing funding of High Park Zoo, and help ensure that the Zoo’s nine animal paddocks remain in good repair.
  • Help leverage funding from generous family foundations like the Honey Family and the Griggs Family Foundations
Capybara Pup Naming Contest!

The naming contest is now closed. Voting ran from May 31 until June 19, 2017. 

From our Friends of High Park Zoo; 12,600 names were recieved. A big thank you to all those who submitted their suggestions. 

The chosen names will be announced on Saturday, June 24th. at noon as part of a celebration at the Capybara's Pen at High Park Zoo. More info can be found here,