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Current Projects

Friends of Cedarvale - Pollinator Garden

About the Project:

In 2017 an area of Cedarvale Park was designated for a pollinator garden and assigned to the Friends of Cedarvale in support of the City of Toronto Pollinator Protection Strategy. The Friends of Cedarvale have demonstrated an awareness of, and experience in, building native biodiversity in Cedarvale Park. They have tended to 40 trees in the Adopt a Park Tree program, planted 2,000 saplings with the city, hosted many nature walks in the park, liaised with private slope owners about biodiversity, hosted a graduate student course forest management plan project, and offered education related to native biodiversity at community events.


In the second year of the garden, native pollinator plants were provided by the City of Toronto. In 2019, the Friends of Cedarvale will seek consultation to create a design that makes the best use of the space.


The pollinator garden will offer hands on engagement with the needs of ecological integrity and allow people to make connections from the ravine to the park and to their homes.


Why we’re supporting this project

This project is in line with the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation’s objective to create, preserve, protect, restore and improve public parks, open spaces, and natural areas within the City of Toronto for the benefit of the general public. The addition of a community pollinator garden will benefit the general public on multiple levels: it will provide volunteer and learning opportunities for the community to get involved; the garden will provide a habitat for pollinators, which we hope will support other gardens in the area and the ravine;  the garden supports the City of Toronto’s goal of increasing pollinator species.


Upcoming Events:

May 27th, 7m: a workshop on the need for assisting pollinators with native plants, a review of the garden design, and a planting in the garden.



The Friends of Cedarvale are seeking volunteers to help with support and maintenance of the garden. Activities may include:

  • Attend planting events
  • Watering and  weeding
  • Tracking and observing the garden’s health
  • Tracking and observing pollinator species
  • Tracking visitors to the garden, obtaining feedback.
  • Support in applications for funding
  • Support in acquiring tools and equipment

Friends of Cedarvale are planning two weekly garden maintenance times. Weekly garden maintenance times are tentatively planned for:

Sundays: 10am -2 pm

Thursdays: 6pm - 8pm


Interested volunteers are encouraged to attend the event on May 27th.


To learn more, please email



The Friends of Cedarvale are seeking the following items:

  • Sturdy outdoor gardening box large enough to hold a shovel
  • Shovels
  • Heavy gloves
To arrange a donation drop-off, please email