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Completed Projects

150th Canada Celebration Gardens

Starting in the fall of 2016 and into 2017, the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is fundraising with communities to enable some 44 Wards to plant the "Canada 150 Tulip" in neighbourhood parks across the city.  This tulip was specially cultivated with the white with red flames and bears resemblance to the Canadian flag.
These "Canada 150th Celebration Gardens" will celebrate the beauty of neighbourhood garden for Canada's Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Confederation.
Donations are directed to our efforts to support these garden planting projects  across Toronto.
Help us transform Toronto’s parks and green spaces 


November 8, 2016 

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation was joined by two kindergarten classes from Withrow Public School to plant 150 tulip bulbs in the newly launched William Hubbard Park in preparation of Canada's 150th anniversary. 

Click here to see photos from the November 8th event.