John Davidson



The urban forest is where we live and we all have a role to ensure that it continues to grow. The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation creates opportunities for the citizens of Toronto to more actively engage and improve the urban forest that surrounds us.

The urban forest includes all the trees along our city streets, in parks, natural areas, ravines, front and backyards trees, and in all the green spaces that exist across our city. A healthy urban forest contributes to the quality of life in every neighbourhood. The combined canopy cover provided by our urban forest is what makes our city livable.

The urban forest is shaped by the people living in the city and its survival is dependent on people balancing their needs with those of the trees. The urban forest provides amazing benefits and environmental services - energy conservation, soil protection, wildlife habitat, storm water management, filtration of water and air and storage of carbon.

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is committed to the City of Toronto’s vision of 40% canopy cover and the successful implementation of its 2012 plan, “Sustaining and Expanding the Urban Forest: Toronto’s Strategic Forest Management Plan”.